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Meet the Team

Pastor Steve Burford
Julian Drummond
Curt Lundstrom
Mike Nielsen
Dave Richie
Phil Wright

Elders At Large
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Todd Poirson
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Get to know the Staff

Steve Burford

Senior Pastor

Pastor Steve grew up in San Jose, California, where he had the opportunity to develop in his faith in Jesus Christ at his home church of Los Gatos Christian Church. Late in high school, he realized that God had placed a unique call upon his life to shepherd people as a pastor. After graduating from Bible college in the spring of 1993, he immediately moved to Colorado Springs. He and his wife Mary were married later that fall and have been in pastoral ministry together ever since. In over 20 years of ministry in the Colorado Springs area, Steve has had the privilege to serve in big and small congregations, starting out as a youth pastor and then small groups pastor, associate pastor, church planter, senior pastor, and now co-pastor alongside Tim Allen at Cathedral Rock Church. Steve considers himself a blue collar pastor of sorts and loves to get his hands dirty serving in ministry alongside people, working on various personal project vehicles, or doing home renovations. Mary serves in various roles within the church and loves to participate on the worship team. She is a full-time CNA and a full-time mom, wife, and wonderfully talented artist. Steve and Mary enjoy their three amazing children, Bryan, Mckenna, and Taylor, who are now in their mid-teens to early twenties. Together they enjoy the Colorado outdoors—camping, fishing, and hiking—and watching movies. Their family commitment has been to see revival in themselves, others, and the church. They teach and live so that men and women who are young or old will come to know Jesus, purpose to live eternally worthy lives, and long for Christ’s return.

Justin Lee

Worship Pastor

Justin’s passion is to create intimate moments through worship where people can encounter the Living God in a powerful and transformative way. He and his wife, Mandy, have two amazing kids who keep them young while making them feel old.

Benji Leverentz

Director of Family Ministries

Benji is passionate about the local church and loves being a part of seeing God work in the lives of believers.  He has a desire to see families and marriages thrive in their pursuit of Jesus and prays that He can be used by God to help our grandparents, parents, children, and youth encounter Jesus and grow in their love for Him.  Benji loves that his wife Abby and 6 kiddos are "all in" on the mission to see people come to know Jesus as their savior and to grow in their love for Him.

Mandy Lee

Director of Admin + Connections

Mandy enjoys connecting people with God and each other. God continues to grow her passion and vision for helping people find joy in serving. Mandy has picked up various responsibilities during her time on staff at CRC and she is always willing to offer help wherever it is needed. She considers it a blessing to work alongside her husband, Justin, as they navigate ministry together while raising their two kids.