Welcome to CRC Kids!

Our goal is to lead our children toward Jesus.
We teach through Scripture chronologically using a Christ-centered curriculum from Lifeway called the Gospel Project for Kids.
We believe in coming alongside parents as they diligently teach their children as God commands in Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6.
We are dedicated to creating spaces where kids can learn, ask questions, and have fun as they grow in their understanding of God and his love for them.

We have three classes for children 

Birth - Preschool

Younger Kids
Pre-K - 1st Grade

Older Kids
2nd - 5th Grade

Nursery opens at 9:15am and is available the full service. 
Children in the Younger and Older classes join us for the beginning of the service and are dismissed to classes prior to the sermon.
For more information or if you have questions, please contact kids@cathedralrockchurch.org.
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