Q. Do the population demographics support building a new church near Monument?

A. Resoundingly yes! The population in our church’s primary ministry area could increase by as much as 86% by 2025. There are near term permits to build 2,700 new homes within a 10 minute drive of our church site. With El Paso County commercial and residential development intensifying from Interquest to County Line Rd, the question is whether or not we will rise to the challenge of supporting and ministering to our growing population.

Q. Don’t most people in Colorado Springs already attend a church?

A. Surprisingly no, only 42% of Colorado residents claim to be practicing Christians and even fewer reported attending church regularly. We have a God-sized task to serve the large unchurched population that needs the love and salvation of Christ.

Q. Is our church financially solvent enough to support a new building?

A. At the present time, our church is paying $73K annually to lease facilities and pay down our land loan. Ironically, $73K is the amount we would pay on a $1.2M construction loan (after we raise $1.2M for a 50% downpayment on a total construction cost of $2.4M). Our church population and budget are both increasing at a steady rate. We have paid off half the land loan and the elders will take a fiscally conservative approach to construction and mortgage costs.

Q. Is the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) involved in our building project? 

A. Only as much as we want them to be. We receive advice from our consultant at Christian Investors Financial because we contracted their support. The EFCA has helped us with advice but they do not fund or expect proprietary use of the new facility.



Q. Where will the future church be constructed?

A. The address is 846 Struthers Ranch Rd. The 5 acre parcel is located on the corner of Struthers Rd and Struthers Ranch Rd one block south of the Big R store.

Q. What does Phase 1 entail?

A. 11,000 square feet (optional mezzanine expansion to 16,000 sq ft); auditorium with seating for 300; children’s ministry area; paved parking for 100 cars; serving kitchen; restrooms; storage; (optional mezzanine for office space). Phase 1 will include the required plumbing, utilities and drainage required for subsequent phases.

Q. What will the final master build-out plan look like?

A. 57,000 sq ft of total space; auditorium with seating for 600; additional children’s ministry area; conference rooms; paved parking for 240 cars; serving kitchen; pastoral and staff offices; fireplace/cafe’/outdoor deck; restrooms; storage.

Q. What is the total cost?

A. Based on blueprints designed by our Facilities team, we expect Phase 1 to cost approximately $2.4M to build. Our elders are comfortable putting $1.2M down and financing an additional $1.2M construction loan. The land was purchased at a discounted rate of $700,000–half of which is paid off.

Q. What happens if we don’t reach our goal of $1.2M in cash and/or pledges?

A. It is important to note that the target goal is to raise $1.2 million in three years. The minimum goal is $800,000, and the miracle goal is funding for the entire project. Each year, we will provide opportunities for people who are new to the church to also participate in the stewardship initiative. Part of our vision is to gain a place of permanence in northern El Paso County by the year 2020. The funds that are raised will only go toward fulfilling that vision through a future facility.




Q. How do I make a payment?

A. You can send in a check with your commitment card in October. You can also put a check in the donation box at church (designate your check to the CRC Facility Fund). You can also make a debit/credit card donation on the CRC website (www.cathedralrockchurch.org/planting-roots). If you want to convert an asset such as stock shares or real estate, please contact Michael Occhipinti personally for advice on converting assets.

Q. When should I make my contribution?

A. Ideally we will all fill out commitment cards this fall. Advanced giving will occur in September and October. The church at large will receive commitment cards on Oct 30 to be turned in on or before Nov 13.

Q. Will I receive a home visit?

A. If you are a an elder, staff member, or ministry leader you will receive a home visit during the advanced commitment period. Otherwise you will receive a commitment packet Oct 30.  If you would like a home visit, please contact Matt Glover at 850-797-2272 or email to plantingroots@cathedralrockchurch.org

Q. Are there going to be fund raising events such as car washes or bake sales?

A. Everyone is free to raise funds as they please; however, we would prefer to have fund raising events for specific purchases to augment the building once construction is underway (i.e. classroom supplies, furnishings, audio-video equipment). In order to raise $1.2M, it will take significant personal sacrifices and assets beyond car washes or bake sales.

Q. How much should I give?

A. This is unique for each individual and we do not prescribe a percentage or amount. Our hope is that everyone gives proportionally, not equally. The best recommendation comes from Pastor Steve’s sermon about giving, “Sacrifice is at the intersection of Faith and Ouch!”